Colorado School of Mines

Spring '24: MEGN315 Dynamics

Description: This course covers particle kinematics (including 2-D motion in x-y coordinates, normal-tangential coordinates, and polar coordinates), rigid body kinematics (including relative velocities and accelerations), rigid body kinetics (including the equation of motion, work and energy, linear impulse-momentum, and angular momentum), and introduction to vibrations.
Prereqs: CEEN241 and MATH225
Participation: 31 undergraduate students

University of Maryland

Spring '23: ENAE488O/788O Introduction to Autonomous Multi-Robot Swarms [Co-teaching with Michael Otte]

Description: Overview of problems, applications, and methods for autonomous multi-robot swarms, including coordination, cooperation, navigation, planning, control, and distributed sensing. This course also covers different organizations of multi-robot swarms and the concept of emergent behavior. Assignments involve programming the behavior of multi-robot swarms in simulation and testbeds.
Prereqs: ENAE202 and MATH240
Participation: 15 undergraduate and 5 graduate students